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Street Fighter 6 At Get on My Level: MenaRD Cannot Stop Winning

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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Street Fighter 6 At Get on My Level: MenaRD Cannot Stop Winning
Twitter/Get On My Level 2023
The strongest bull showed again that he just cannot lose

MenaRD can easily be considered the best player in the world currently for Street Fighter 6 and the Dominican once again showed why he is so highly regarded with yet another tournament win in Street Fighter 6. 

Mena defeated Canadian local and veteran, Sayff, 3-0 to win his third tournament in just over a month. 

Mena's win makes it three tournaments out of four for Street Fighter 6 that he has won. He won the Street Fighter 6 Invitational tournament back in June before blowing everyone away at CEO and would have won Defend the North, but for his fellow countryman and close friend, Caba, taking it over him.

Get on My Level 2023 was Mena's first time in Canada, and he made it a memorable trip by taking home a trophy.

Mena was the favorite to win, but the tournament top 8 had a couple of familiar faces that could have challenged Mena, including JOE UMEROGAN, and JAK

Top 8 At Get on My Level 2023

Mena dropped only one game in his entire run to victory, meaning that there was little surprise in his win. He used Luke and Blanka as usual to great effect, and no one could find an answer to his playstyle.

Things were a lot more interesting in the Losers' bracket, with JAK looking to stamp his authority in the tournament, but meeting his end at the hand of Van N, whose Dee Jay was really impressive and was able to cause an upset against JAK. Van N wasn't done as he proceeded to defeat Smash player Riddles in the next match to proceed to the Losers' semi-final. However, he was unable to continue his run and suffered defeat at the hands of JOE UMEROGAN

Joe is a well-known competitor who has been around for a bit but really care to the fore in Street Fighter V with his Akuma and, eventually, Luke. He kept with the character in the new game and has been putting in a good amount of work. Against Van, he was just too good, varying his offense and he might have surprised a few people with his ability to switch between his traditionally aggressive playstyle to something more patient when dealing with Van's Dee Jay

Joe's opponent in Losers' final was Sayff and his explosive Luke raced to a 2-game lead and it looked for a second like he was going to be the one to advance to Grand Final to face MenaRD, but Sayff rallied. Noticing some weaknesses in JOE UMEROGAN's game, Sayff utilized Ken's Drive Rush and his low medium punch to confirm into devastating combos. It also seemed like Joe wasn't very ready for Drive Impact which Sayff used with great success. With this, he was able to win against Joe and get the run back against Mena.

Mena seems to be entering every tournament possible in a bid to prepare for Evo and Capcom Cup to place himself in the best possible position to win the huge prize for winning Capcom Cup X. 

He did have some really kind words to say about Canada, as it was his first time there; he said in a tweet that he had heard the rumors but was really impressed with seeing it face-to-face. But, he didn't stop there as he also asked to say a few words after his win, and he once again commended the country for its niceness and disposition towards him during his time there. 

With this done, we can now turn our attention solely to Evo, which is the next tournament and also the start of the 2023 CPT season. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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