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Street Fighter 6 At Combo Breaker 2024: An Unexpected Winner

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Street Fighter 6 At Combo Breaker 2024: An Unexpected Winner
No one would have called this

The very first Combo Breaker for Street Fighter 6 ended with a flourish as resident Lily main, ElChakotay, took the victory over the relentless NoahTheProdigy. ElChakotay has been a Lily main since the very beginning of Street Fighter 6 and stuck with the character throughout even though she is considered a low tier. 

The win represents his first major tier 1 tournament win in his career and he was effusive in his thanks to fans who had stuck with him the entire time.

Top 8 Combo Breaker 2024 Recap

The first noteworthy thing about the top 8 was the surprising lack of JPs and DeeJays as the effects of the new patch started to kick in. Therefore, there was a Lily, Zangief, and Kimberly in the top 8. 

The final standings were thus:

  • 1. ElChakotay
  • 2. NoahTheProdigy
  • 3. Dual Kevin
  • 4. JAK
  • 5. Shine
  • 5. ZachInABox
  • 7. Ramsey
  • 7. Ajax Fidelity

JAK, who won the final Combo Breaker for Street Fighter V, made a play to take back his crown, but would fall to Noah and then Dual Kevin.

The top 8 winners side was all about Chakotay who used Lily to excellent fashion winning thhe first of three Lukes in ZachInTheBox. This took him to winners' final where he showed his vast experience against Noah whose hyper-aggressive style makes him so difficult to fight again. Chakotay used Lily's H.P to great effect, cutting out all of Noah's jumping attempts. Also, when Noah was in burnout, he was careful not to overextend, opting instead for Drive Rush cancels and shimmies. This served him well in Grand Final too and when the set started to near its end, Chakotay also began to add more command grabs mixing up his offense so much that Noah was unsure what was coming next. 

Over on the Losers' side, Ramsey, who was the solitary Zangief in top 8 was unable to defeat JAK while Shine was too much for Ajax Fidelity who won Frosty Faustings last time around, but has since then switched from Juri to Ed who was his main in Street Fighter V. Dual Kevin who used Rashid for the entirety of the tournament switched to Luke for his fight against JAK and it was a close one with JAK making several great plays to keep himself in the set, but Dual Kevin had too much in the tank. He went to losers' final against Noah whom he had lost to earlier in top 8. The runback was a lot closer than the original set, but again Noah was able to clutch out the win. 

A second place finish at a stacked major such as Combo  Breaker is a great step and you get the feeling he will be on many more big stages in his Street Fighter 6 career. 

Combo Breaker didn't feature some of the traditional heavy hitters like Mena, Punk, or NuckleDu, but there was enough to really get people excited for the tournaments to come for Street Fighter 6 season 2. 

Up next is CEO which will take place sometime in June. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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