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SNK World Championship 2023: Progress and Schedule

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SNK World Championship 2023: Progress and Schedule
Pic Source: SNK Corporation
We’ve passed three Global qualifiers and one Regional. Four KOF XV players have got their spots in the Finals Tournament

The King of Fighters XV has its global league in 2023 too. It’s SNK World Championship 2023, and we at DashFight highlighted it quite a while ago. Now, after four events, it is time to take a look at the intermediate results and check out the schedule of upcoming tournaments.

SNK World Championship 2023 consists of two types of Qualifiers:

  • Global — with no regional restrictions;
  • Regional — for the players residing in this region.

Each qualifier gives one spot in the Finals Tournament — to the Winner.

So, what’s going on with the league's progress right now?

EVO Japan 2023 Xiaohai Global Qualifier
Evo 2023 Xiaohai is the Winner;
E.T. is the runner-up, and he gets the qualification spo
Global Qualifier
VSFighting XI InfernoKong Global Qualifier
The Fight 2023 RocklandKyo Regional Qualifier, Colombia

There will be 32 participants in the Finals Tournament (Spring 2024). Players will be able to fight for the spots at the following qualifiers (the schedule might not  be full, but it gives us a look at the nearest future of the KOF XV esports).

KOF XV esports | SNK World Championship 2023 Schedule

Furia Tica 2023 September 09-10 Regional Qualifier, Costa Rica
CEOtaku 2023 September 23-24 Global Qualifier, Florida, USA
REV MAJOR 2023 September 30 - October 01 Global Qualifier, Philippines
Thunderstruck 2023 October 07-08 Global Qualifier, Mexico
Lunar Bout 2023 October 07-08 Regional Qualifier, New York, USA
East Coast Throwdown 2023 October 20-22 Global Qualifier, Connecticut, USA
Thaiger Uppercut 2023 November 03-05 Global Qualifier, Thailand
Battle Coliseum 2023 November 24-26 Global Qualifier, Brazil

We follow the SNK World Championship 2023 with great interest. Stay tuned to DashFight for info on these and other KOF XV tournaments.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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