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Smash Ultimate: Captain Falcon Guide - Combos and Move List

Smash Ultimate: Captain Falcon Guide - Combos and Move List

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Learn how to play Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

For many modern gamers, this guy is quite a mystery. The last core game with Captain Falcon was released in 2004, so he is familiar to many Switch owners only as one of the fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It’s so nice to see Nintendo paying tribute to their famous franchises even if they seemingly don’t plan to release new games of the series. Let’s take a close look at Captain Falcon as a personality in the gaming culture and as an SSBU character. This article on DashFight contains detailed info on Captain Falcon moveset.

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Racer Captain Falcon

Games of the Super Smash Bros. series mix gaming worlds, so you can meet here characters from various genres. For example, Banjo-Kazooie came from a popular platformer. And Captain Falcon is a famous racer, originated in quite old racing games.

Before delving into Captain Falcon Smash Ultimate guide, it would be interesting to remember primary games with this guy:

  • F-Zero for SNES (1990). Players participate in a futuristic racing competition, based on Formula 1. They can choose one of four characters, and Captain Falcon is one of them. The game is available now on the Super NES Classic devices.
  • F-Zero X for Nintendo 64 (1998). For the first time, the game got 3D graphics. Also, the developers added a few new modes.
  • F-Zero GX for GameCube (2003). Captain Falcon becomes a hero of the story mode. The racing mechanics are the same difficult - players should memorize the tracks and react very quickly.
  • F-Zero: GP Legend for GameBoy Advanced (2004). This game is based on the anime series with Captain Falcon.
  • F-Zero Climax for GameBoy Advanced (2004). It’s another handheld installment. The Climax game strongly reminds the original races of this series.

As you can see, the famous racer was present on three latest Nintendo consoles only as Smash Bros. Captain Falcon - a fighter on the Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.

Captain Falcon Smash Ultimate

Before delving into the details on this particular character, we recommend checking out the general guide for beginners - How to Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This hero was present in all the Super Smash Bros. games. He is available in Ultimate from the very beginning.

Smash Ultimate Captain Falcon is very fast - he is a racer, after all. But players should use this speed wisely. Just rushing close to the opponent may not have a good effect. To make Smash Captain Falcon more powerful in Ultimate than in the previous games, the developers made some changes in his attacks and gave him very powerful moves.

Captain Falcon is effective in the air thanks to his fast jumps, and still, many players notice his especial strength on the ground. Captain Falcon combos are super mighty and it is worth taking your time in the Training Mode to learn them properly.

Captain Falcon guide Smash Ultimate

Basic attacks - Captain Falcon moves

  • Jab of Captain Falcon Ultimate is super fast. He makes a series of punches. You can hold A or repeatedly press it - the effect will be slightly different.
  • Dash attack will be much stronger if you press the A button early.
  • Side-Tilt - fast kick that can be directed upwards or downwards.
  • Up-Tilt is a strong wheel kick. 
  • Down-Tilt is a very low kick.

Air attacks - Captain Falcon combos Ultimate

  • Neutral Air - a double-kick while jumping. Some very good SSBU Captain Falcon combos start after the first kick;
  • Forward Air - a powerful knee kick;
  • Up Air - a fast kick over the head;
  • Down Air - a stamp from the jump;
  • Back-Air - a back fist attack

Special attacks of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Captain Falcon

  • Neutral Special - Falcon Punch. The hero gains power and then performs a fire punch. The preparation period is quite long and Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remains vulnerable.
  • Side Special - Raptor Boost. It’s a quick rush towards the opponent and a strong uppercut.
  • Up Special - Falcon Dive. This attack activates a jump, grabbing the opponent, explosion, and throwing the victim away.
  • Down Special - Falcon Kick. Smash Ultimate Falcon performs a fiery kick. From the ground position, he slides toward his victim. If it’s performed in the air, the kick gets the diagonal direction.

Smash attacks - Captain Falcon guide

  • Forward Smash - it’s very strong and deals significant damage, but this is rather a short-range attack of Falcon Super Smash Bros. You can direct the hit a bit up or down, which makes the landing a harder task.
  • Up Smash - it’s a kick, directed upwards, good for starting Captain Falcon Ultimate combos.
  • Down Smash - Smash Bros Ultimate Captain Falcon performs kicks in front and behind himself. The back kick is more effective.

Captain Falcon Final Smash 

Blue Falcon - the hero summons his famous racing car and smashes the opponents out of the platform.

How to unlock Captain Falcon

To get this guy into your roster, play through the Vs. Mode. To unlock Captain Falcon, you have to reach the 11th fighter there.

Like with all the other characters, the best way to bring knowledge on Super Smash Bros Ultimate Captain Falcon combos into your game is to train a lot and participate in actual matches. Hopefully, our Super Smash Bros Captain Falcon guide is helpful and motivates you to practice even more.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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