Share Your SFV Victories for Pocky K.O. Challenge

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Share Your SFV Victories for Pocky K.O. Challenge
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It’s a very good excuse to demonstrate your awesome fighting skills

Most gamers love sharing screenshots and videos from their virtual adventures. It’s quite true for the fighting games community as well - the whole genre is a deep social experience, and we are eager to expand it to the interaction with like-minded people on social platforms. So, do we need an additional reason to share our victory videos online? Not really! And will we do this for the Pocky K.O. Challenge? Yes, for sure!

In addition to the primary fun of letting others see how great you are at Street Fighter V, all the participants of this challenge will have a chance to play a match against RobTV, the winner of Pocky K.O. Challenge from the previous year.

Only four players will be the winners - so, improve your Street Fighter style (probably our SF5 guide for beginners will help), record your matches, select the most impressive victories, and share them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PockyKOChallenge and the hashtag of your country (#USA, #JPN, #IDN, #VNM, #SGP, #MY, #PHL). 

The victories should be of the Pocky K.O. style - the health bar of your character should be similar to the popular in Japan snack Pocky stick.

The challenge is available for players from the USA, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The final match against RobTV will happen during Pocky K.O. Grand Championship. For more information, check out this official site.

Of course, there are no limitations on posting your fighting glorious moments, this is a super activity even beyond the Pocky K.O. Challenge. We at DashFight love to see your victories without any Pocky conditions - feel free to tag us on social media, so we could enjoy your fights.

And let's not forget that you don’t have to wait for any super special opportunity to prove your fighting skills. For example, you can participate in some smaller online Street Fighter tournaments, such as UKIE Discord Open, Queen of the Hill, or Weds Night Fights: Online Edition.