Queen of the Hill - an SF5 Tournament for Girls in Fighting

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Queen of the Hill - an SF5 Tournament for Girls in Fighting
Pic Source: @TheQOTHS Twitter
It’s a weekly series for female players and female characters

The fighting games community is proud to be diverse and friendly - everyone is welcome. And everyone has a chance to prove their skills and get glorious victories in fighting matches. The games unite people, and this is wonderful!

To remind you how many different players are here in the community, we at DashFight would like to draw your attention to the series of Street Fighter 5 online tournaments, organized especially for girls - Queen of the Hill. The first event is planned for December 4 and then the fights will happen every Friday for four weeks.

Please, consider participating in this interesting competition. And those who can’t do this - check out the stream on the Twitch channel SakiSakuraTV.

Another interesting event happening very soon is the Grand Final of the tournament Red Bull Hit the Streets - for Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 players from South Africa.

Street Fighter 5 is one of the best fighting esports titles - its mechanics are perfect for competitive players. Recently, SFV has been nominated for the Best Fighting Game award.