NuckleDu Stops his Career in Fighting Esports

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NuckleDu Stops his Career in Fighting Esports
The champion of Capcom Cup 2016 has decided to retire after a car accident

However powerful virtual fighting heroes are, people that control them remain the same fragile human beings - and this fact is worth remembering for everyone, from famous professionals to humble beginners.

The Street Fighter V pro player Du "NuckleDu" Dang got into a “really bad car crash” - this was reported recently by Kevin Barrios.

Without knowing any details of the accident, we’ve got its sequence. Through a tweet, NuckleDu has informed the community about his decision to step away from social media and stop playing fighting games.

Of course, health and safety should be in the first place. We at DashFight wish NuckleDu all the best! Who knows, maybe we could see him at further Capcom fighting events.

Let’s not forget, that people are also fragile emotionally. It’s better to remember this fact and not hurt others - this may lead to such troubles as the situation with Nairo and CaptainZack.