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Mortal Kombat 1 Reptile Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Mortal Kombat 1 Reptile Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Sebastian Quintanilla
6 min

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Figure out how to play Reptile to his max potential with these tips and combos from beginners to masters

Mortal Kombat 1 Reptile Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Syzoth, otherwise known as Reptile, does not have a singularly powerful kit, instead leaning on a more well-roundedness that is better suited for players looking to slowly work up their skills in Mortal Kombat 1 and develop a stronger baseline. Because of this, he is better thought of as part of a Kameos pairing, for which Reptile has many options, all of which make opponents weary of the matchup.

If you want a pro player to break down the character for you, you can check out our collaboration with MagicTea below to learn how a top player in the NRS competitive scene tackles this character.

REPTILE guide by [ MagicTea ] | Mortal Kombat 1

However, this text guide is intended to give you a wider scope, and teach how to work up your way up with Reptile so you can start taking names in Kombat League.

MK1 Command Inputs

Shorthand MK Commands PlayStation Xbox Switch
Action Buttons
1 Front Punch Square X Y
2 Back Punch Triangle Y X
3 Front Kick X A B
4 Back Kick Circle B A
L1 Throw L1 LB L
L2 Switch Stance L2 LT ZL
AMP Amplify R2 RT ZR
Movement Buttons
S Standing This means no movement input is given
J. Jump up Jump up
Jf. Jump forward Jump towards the opponent
Jb. Jump backwards Jump away from the opponent
D Crouch Crouch down
F Forward Move towards the opponent
B Backwards Move away from the opponent
U Up Press Up, mostly used as part of special inputs

Reptile's Gameplan & Specials

A lot of the gameplay around Reptile is focused on creating an advantage and then using Force Ball (DF3) and Kameos as key components in combos. Most of his pokes are solid; some are even great at range. His buttons are also quite useful, especially S3, as they technically lift him up and help him avoid grounded attacks, such as Jax's ground pound.

Your fastest string is S1,1,4, which can be converted into a combo with Kameos. It is also a great string to pressure opponents with, as it's safe on block. Another commonly used string is B3,1,3; this string enables you to have a low into a mid. It also gives you a chance to use Dash Attack (BF2) even on block to side switch and continue pressuring opponents.

Force Ball

One of Reptile's core projectiles at DF3. It has a number of uses, from being a great combo extender to dissuading opponents through zoning. It is worth noting that it has no hit stun, which is relevant against armored moves. This means that hitting an armored opponent with it won't count towards breaking their armor.

The bubble has three speeds: slow by holding Back, normal by just inputting the move, and fast by holding Forward. You can combo these versions into each other, though using one of them twice will cause your opponent to be pushed back outside of combo range.

You can also amplify the move, which can combo into itself or any of the other versions; of course, the amplified version also has this speed control. The move also gains more range, allowing it to cover the whole screen even at normal speed.

Acid Spit

A much shorter projectile with DF1. Its normal version is not particularly good. It's slow, short-ranged, and also a high. Once amplified, however, it can become a powerful tool as it converts into a longer-range mid-attack.

Dash Attack

A solid forward-advancing special and side switch with BF2. It is unsafe on block, as you will stop dead in front of opponents. You can somewhat counter this by using its amplified version, as instead of stopping the side switch, the overhead attack still goes through.

Death Roll

BF4 sends you into a low-hitting special that reaches fairly far. Its main use is as a safe way to punish projectile spam; it low-profiles them. If you want to be extra safe, you can amplify the move, making it armored and giving it extra range.


Using DU4 Reptile will become invisible for a short duration, around 4 seconds. It's a tricky move to find value with. You can often use it after a combo or by pairing it with a Kameo that can buy you the time to become fully invisible. You don't gain any major advantage, but it can assist in creating a few more threatening mix-ups.

Falling Fangs

This air special side switch comes out with DB4. It teleports Reptile above his opponents, coming down as an overhead attack. It deals a fair amount of damage, especially the amplified version, so in the waiting seconds of a match, it might be worth trying to close it out with this, especially after an S3 hit, which is considered as putting you in the air. You can also opt not to side switch by holding back right after the input.

Specials Table

Input Tips
Force Ball DF3 It is a great combo extender and a mid-projectile; its slowness makes it tricky, too.
Enhanced Force Ball DF3(AMP) Allows you to combo with it multiple times, on top of extra damage and range.
Slow Force Ball DF3(B) Slower and shorter, but it can be good to combo or mix things up.
Fast Force Ball DF3(F) Reaches further.
Acid Spit DF1 It's not great overall; it's better to use its amplified version.
Enhanced Acid Spit DF1(AMP) A mid-projectile with good range.
Dash Attack BF2 It can be unsafe on block, but overall, it is a good tool to get up and close quickly or punish.
Enhanced Dash Attack BF2(AMP) It commits to the side switch and overhead, even on block.
Death Roll BF4 It is a good low profile, long-reaching attack, perfect to punish zoners.
Enhanced Death Roll BF4(AMP) More damage and armor, what is not to love?
Invisibility DU4 Unless you know what you are doing already, you don't have to worry too much about this move.
Falling Fangs DB4 Air moves with some good range and damage.
Enhanced Falling Fangs DB4(AMP) Increases the damage dealt.
Close Falling Fangs DB4(B) Avoids the side-swtich, it also has an amplified version for more damage.

Reptile's Best Kameos

It's hard to recommend you a small set of Kameos for Reptile. Characters like Cyrax or Frost can shine through with the ability to make a number of moves safe on the neutral, opening the door to either combos or extra pressure.

Sektor, Darrius, Scorpion, Sareena, and Jax are another good shoutout, as they can prolong combos even further, helping add damage to them or, in some cases, serve as good utility, like with Scorpion. In Jax's case, he also has a very nice interaction with Reptile, we noted before via S3, which brings Reptile into the air just long enough for Jax's ground pound to come out.

Ultimately, Reptile is very flexible, and whatever part of your kit you feel needs a boost, you will have a number of choices available.

Reptile's Bread & Butter Combos


  • S2,3 J.2,3,3 DB4
  • B3,1, DF3(F), S4, BF4
  • B3,1, DF3(F), J.2,3,3, DB4


  • F2,1, DF3, F2, S3, DASH, S2, DF3(F), J2,3,3, DB4
  • F2,1, DF3, F2,3, DASH, S2, DF3(F), F3,2
  • BF3, DF3(F), F2,3, DASH, S2, DF3(F), J2,3,3, DB4
  • S1,1, DF3, B-DASH, F2,3, DASH, S2, DF3(F), J2,3,3, DB4
  • F2,3, F2,3 DASH, F2, DF3(F), J2,3,3, DB4
  • F2,1, DF3 (AMP), F2, S3, DASH, S2, DF3(F), J2,3,3, DB4
  • F2,3, DASH, S4, DF3(AMP), DASH, F2, DF3(F), J2,3,3, DB4

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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