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Mortal Kombat 1 - Invasions "Blood Moon" Tarkatan Colony Mesa Guide

Mortal Kombat 1 - Invasions "Blood Moon" Tarkatan Colony Mesa Guide

Sebastian Quintanilla
4 min

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Explore the night time version of the Tarkatan camp in Season 2 of Mortal Kombat 1 invasions to unlock the final mesa of the season

Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode looks to provide players with season content in an interesting new format for the franchise. Unlike the franchise's previous entry called Krypt, Mortal Kombat 1’s single-player focused content presents a table-top-like game for players to explore, find secrets, and eventually unlock more cosmetics through its Seasonal Koins system and chests.

Throughout these guides, we will be exploring the details of Invasions, how to complete them, tips and tricks, and what rewards you can expect in the season of the Blood Moon.

All Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Season 2 "Blood Moon" Mesas:

The Story

The second season of Mortal Kombat 1 invasions, the season of the Blood Moon, sees a Vaeternus that managed to conquer Outworld and beyond, eventually reaching over all the realms. As Nitara and the rest of the vampires never found balance, they eventually reached across timelines, into Liu Kang's, to exert their will unto his. They even went as far as converting many heroes into vampires.

Now is up to you to dismantle their conquest, and travel through the mesas to reach the Rampart, and the home of the ravenous Vaeternus Nitara to finally rid Liu Kang's timeline of their presence.

The Tarkatan Colony

Before you travel through the winding valleys of the Tarkatan Colony, you will need to complete the mesa prior: Shang Tsung's Laboratory

This time around, you descend into the colony during night time, with a heavy fog flooding the encampment. Unlike last time, there are not that many looping paths, so you should feel free to travel through it quickly. 

Tarkatan Colony Nodes

Node Name Level Opponent Klue / Modifiers
The Other One 20 Mileena
Timekeeper 20 Geras
Smile 20 Baraka
Demonic 18 Ashrah
In Kontrol 20 Johnny Cage
Poof 20 Smoke
I Hate These Guys (Tower)
Li Mei
Test Your Might
Brooding 21 Reiko
Kool Breeze 21 Sub-Zero
It's Electric 21 Raiden
Step Right Up 19 Shang Tsung
Boom Boom 21 Li Mei
Axe Me Again 21 General Shao
Fire It Up 21 Liu Kang Use Jax's Fatality
Water Damage 21 Rain
Kap-Puccinno?? 22 Kung Lao
Bloody Good 22 Nitara
Take It Outside?? 22 Reptile
Fan Fun 22 Kitana
Burn It All 22 Scorpion
For The Lin Kuei 22 Sub-Zero Floating Blood Bubbles
Eternally Annoyed 22 Johnny Cage
Washed Out 22 Rain Magic Saw Blade
Intervention 21 Three Opponents
Halt Fool 21 Ashrah Saw Blade
Drink This 21 Shang Tsung
Zoom Boom 21 Li Mei Magic Fists
Look A Rabbit 23 Kung Lao Floating Acid Bubbles
Tower Power (Tower)
Test Your Might
Never Die 23 Geras Dark Portal
Don't Touch 23 Kitana Mini-Boss > Chest Portal
My Way 23 Kenshi
Friends 23 Three Opponents
My House 23 Baraka
You're Welcome 23 Kitana
Heavy Hitter 23 Kung Lao Magic Meteor & Use Motaro's Fatality
Won't Peak 24 Kenshi Blood Ritual
Peace Out 24 Smoke
Good Personality 24 Havik Energy Cannon
More The Merrier 24 Three Opponents
I Believe I Can 24 Nitara Exploding Magic Krystals
Hairball 24 Sindel
Talk To The Fan 24 Kitana Fire Cracks
Survive - - Blood Balls
That Stingings 25 Raiden
Not Dead Yet 25 Havik Blood Wave & Lost Leg
Banshee 25 Sindel
Bad Timing 25 Scorpion Use Reptile's Fatality
Get The Horns 25 General Shao
Outworld's Best 25 Li Mei Magic Saw Blade & Corpse Drop
Nothing Better To Do?? 25 Three Opponents
Powers Hat Be 25 Kung Lao
Listen 26 Sindel Mesa Boss

You can check if you are missing on nodes by looking at the path's color. Uncleared paths are marked in green, cleared ones are in light blue, and paths you can’t move into are in red. You can also follow the green arrow for directions as to the quickest route to the end of the mesa.

As you make your way past the area, you are bound to come across three different Klue nodes. Its worth noting that for one of them: "Heavy Hitter" you will need to have leveled up your Motaro Kameo up to level 2 to unlock his brutality and make use of it during the encounter.

For the others one, in "Fire It Up" you want to use Jax's fatality, and for "Bad Timing" you want to use Reptile's. If you want to check out all the Klues in this second invasion season, we have a helpful guide here.

Tarkatan Colony Bloody Fangs Nodes

Node Name Level Opponent Klue / Modifiers
Fan Fiction 30 Kitana Homing Magic Ball
Not Great 30 Kung Lao Flying Bats
Talk To The Sword 30 Kenshi Dark Fists
New Beginning 30 Liu Kang Ice Fists
Damn Demon 30 Ashrah Ice Floor
Acidic 30 Reptile Bubbling Acid
Still no Hugs? 30 Baraka Chaos Stalagmite
Lion Tamer 30 Li Mei Electric Ball

After the mid-mesa miniboss, you will go through this mesa's chest portal, which transports you to a small off-mesa section for extra rewards. Most will be talismans, relics, and consumables, but you may also get a skin drop or two. Here is the full list of skins you can earn from the Tarakatan Colony, though keep in mind that if you already own them, you may get a palette version or a different one instead.

Tarkatan Colony Skins

Node Requirement Skin
Fire It Up Use Jax's Fatality & Key Empress By Blood (Mileena)
Don't Touch None Imperial Vampire (Kitana)
1st Locked Chest Key Bloodywood (Johnny Cage)
Bad Timing Use Reptile's Fatality Bloodstained Revolution (Havik)

After The Tarkatan Colony

With vampiric Sindel defeated, you are not ready to face the last mesa of the season, the Rampart. By this time you should be a few levels higher than most opponents in the nodes, but if you feel you are struggling, then we can recommend you visit the shop on the Wu Shi Academy for some leveling-up items, or the shop and forge on the Gateway Portal to take a couple of good talisman with you into the fights ahead.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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