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Mortal Kombat 1 - Invasions "Blood Moon" Fire Temple Mesa Guide

Mortal Kombat 1 - Invasions "Blood Moon" Fire Temple Mesa Guide

Sebastian Quintanilla
4 min

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Start your journey of the second season of Mortal Kombat 1 Invasions with this detailed guide on the Fire Temple Mesa

Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode looks to provide players with season content in an interesting new format for the franchise. Unlike the franchise's previous entry called Krypt, Mortal Kombat 1’s single-player focused content presents a table-top-like game for players to explore, find secrets, and eventually unlock more cosmetics through its Seasonal Koins system and chests.

Throughout these guides, we will be exploring the details of Invasions, how to complete them, tips and tricks, and what rewards you can expect in the season of the Blood Moon.

All Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Season 2 "Blood Moon" Mesas:

The Story

The second season of Mortal Kombat 1 invasions, the season of the Blood Moon, sees a Vaeternus that managed to conquer Outworld and beyond, eventually reaching over all the realms. As Nitara and the rest of the vampires never found balance, they eventually reached across timelines, into Liu Kang's, to exert their will unto his. They even went as far as converting many heroes into vampires.

Now is up to you to dismantle their conquest, and travel through the mesas to reach the Rampart, and the home of the ravenous Vaeternus Nitara to finally rid Liu Kang's timeline of their presence.

Fire Temple

The start of this second season of invasion is at the end of the last one. The Fire Temple has been cleansed once before, so let's get to it. Compared to last season, this time around you will face a wide range of opponents in each mesa. As this is the first mesa of the season you will not have access to the Wu Shi Academy to power level your way to the top, so be mindful of the fights.

That said, super armor has now been moved to only mini and mesa bosses, so it should be a much more speedy path. The Fire Temple is also the smallest of all the mesas this season.

Fire Temple Nodes

Node Name Level Opponent Klue / Modifiers
From the Sahdows 1 Ashrah
Nothing to See 1 Smoke
Construct 1 Geras Blood Drop
Lost Faith 1 Havik
Plays Well 1 Mileena Acid Bugs
All Together 1 Three Opponents
Body Builder 1 General Shao
Far Cry 1 Rain
Big Boom 1 Reptile
It Hurts 1 Nitara
Apex 2 Mileena Blood Storm > Chest Portal
Hair Today 2 Sindel
Dance With Me 2 Kitana
Sticks & Stones 2 Kenshi Use Kenshi's Fatality
World Destroyer 2 Baraka Electric Storm
Li Mei Down 2 Li Mei
Nice 2 See U 2 Ashrah Flaming Zombie
Pretty Painful (Tower)
Test Your Might
General Shao
Temple Trouble 2 Three Opponents
Headcase 2 Reiko Electric Strike
Dental Dream 2 Mileena
Survive - - Blood Balls
Bad Timing 2 Geras Super Armor, 2 Phases
Test Your Might - - Monk-Key
Bladed 3 Baraka
Visions 3 Kenshi Homing Electric Ball
Hot Hands 3 Scorpion Fire Zombie Arms
Hands Off 3 Tanya
Lost Kontrol 3 Tanya
Top Killers 3 Three Opponents Use Rain's Brutality
Unmovable 3 General Shao
Thunder Take You 4 Raiden Mesa Boss

As you start out, you will want to path your way down the temple into the port at the bottom. Near the start you will see your first Bloody Fangs gate. These gates, like the Netherstone ones in the first season, require you to beat the Invasion season boss first to unlock, behind them there are a few more mini-boss-like fights and rewards to match.

Fire Temple Bloody Fangs Nodes

Node Name Level Opponent Klue / Modifiers
Flying High 30 Nitara Swarm of Bats & Flaming Bats
Face Lift 30 Havik Blood Rain
Cold Blood 30 Sub-Zero Ice Spikes
Sand Trap 30 Geras Acid Rain
Water Damage 30 Rain Ice Storm
Hats Off 30 Kung Lao Saw Blade
Smoke Screen 30 Smoke Flaming Zombie
Shocking 30 Raiden Electric Storm
Looking Good 30 Johnny Cage Energy Fists

In this area, you will also come across the first of the few chest rewards; some of them will require you to purchase keys from the shop and to complete their Klues. You can check the Klues for this specific mesa in the nodes table or see all the klues for all the Mesas here.

Not all chests will contain skin rewards, some may just be palettes, relics, or other items. Keep in mind as well that depending on the skins you own, you may receive other rewards.

Fire Temple Skins

Node Requirement Skin
Chest Portal None Maroon Rain (Rain)
1st Locked Chest Key Sanguinar Journey (Ashrah)
2nd Locked Chest Key Bleeding Killer (Nitara)
Sticks & Stones Use Kenshi's Fatality Bloodied Claws (Reptile)
Bad Timing None Bloodied Paladin (Geras)
3rd Locked Chest Key Bloddlight (Scorpion)
Top Killers
Use Rain's Brutality
Pulse of Winter (Sub-Zero)
Scorched Vampire (Liu Kang)
Thunder Take You None Flash Hemorrhage (Raiden)
Flying High Goldfeeder (Nitara)
3rd Locked Chest
Key & Bloody Fangs
Bloody Comedy (Johnny Cage)
Second Born Bleeder (Kitana)
4th Locked Chest
Key & Bloody Fangs
Vampiric Assassin (Sub-Zero)
Moonsoon of Blood (Raiden)

As you make your way through the temple, remember that you can check if you are missing on nodes by looking at the path's color. Uncleared paths are marked in green, cleared ones in light blue and paths you can’t move into in red. You can also follow the green arrow for directions as to the quickest route to the end of the mesa.

At some point you might be ambushed as well. In season 2 this is much rarer than before, but it also still worth doing, as ambushes generally reward you with permanent character buffs. If you want to be ready for these fights, why not check out one of our pro-player guides? As we cover all the new Mortal Kombat 1 content we have a guide out already for Omni-man, who you can play as in Invasions for that extra flair.

Omni-Man guide by [ J Gleez ] | Mortal Kombat 1

After The Fire Temple

Once you defeat the final boss of the Mesa, Raiden, you will unlock the Sun Do Festival. In contrast to last season, completing the first mesa will not grant you access to the Gateway Portal or Wu Shi Academy, you will need to complete the next mesa as well. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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