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Fuudo's Team Wins CR Cup, Streamers Leveling Up

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Fuudo's Team Wins CR Cup, Streamers Leveling Up
Fuudo's Team were the Winners of CR Cup and the fallout has been nothing short of a great success

The Crazy Raccoon Cup took place over the weekend featuring four teams made up of four streamers and Vtubers, and one pro player coach. The four teams in this second edition were the same as the first including Daigo, Fuudo, Kazunoko, and Dogura. 

Fuudo's team, made up of Enako, Oniya, Shinji-san and Futon-chan and they got into the finals with the winners of the first edition, Daigo's team. 

Fuudo's team got the win and even got to lift a trophy while at it. 

You can check out the cup below.

The tournament was very successful as it racked up an insane number of views on Twitch, over 200k and the YouTube video has over 800k views which is completely insane when talking about fighting games. 

It led to a conversation about this success and if it can be replicated in the West. 

It did prompt a response from Punk who saw it as simply a dismissal of what has been happening in the West and he believes people should simply celebrate that fighting games are popular again rather than use it as an opportunity to denigrate other scenes. 

Popular caster and streamer, Sajam, also chimed in saying that he had pitched the idea to some companies and they have decided instead to go with more traditional events, but that he hopes that such a thing could happen in the West. 

This success has even led to a 'Streamer shortage' in Japan. Essentially, because more and more streamers are getting into the game and getting good at it, the selling point which was to get big and medium-sized streamers who were beginners at the game, is becoming difficult. So, a lot of the streamers that partook in the first CR Cup are now Master rank players who will destroy the average player. 

Dogura pointed this out and Jiyuna highlighted it. 

This is great as this has levelled up the Japanese scene by a lot and has drummed up genuine interest for Street Fighter 6 in both the streamers and their audiences. Better still, the tournament is still intrinsically FGC meaning that there is a lot of benefit for both the pro players, the scene in general, and Capcom's bank account

The CR Cup did spawn something rather interesting as one of the players on Fuudo's team, Oniya, who was instrumental to their win, challeneged MenaRD saying he could take on the Capcom Cup champ. 

It will be interesting to see if these conversations lead to anything, but speaking of hype events, did you know SonicFox played Waka Flocka in Mortal Kombat 1?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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