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Evo Champion Luffy Lists His Top SFV Players In The World

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Evo Champion Luffy Lists His Top SFV Players In The World
The Evo winner has stated his definitive list of the best players in Street Fighter V right now

Evo winner and Street Fighter V pro player, Olivier 'Luffy' Hay has come out with what he believes to be the top 5 best players of SFV right now. In a tweet posted yesterday, Luffy asked who people considered the best players of Street Fighter V right now. Specifically asking what their thoughts would be if the game were to come to an end now, Luffy listed the following players as his top picks:

When you consider that Street Fighter V is at its end and the introduction of Luke, who has been confirmed as the last DLC character the game will have, it means that Luffy believes that his top 5 list will be who people perceive as the game's best professionals. 

Looking at the list itself, it is difficult to argue with the names up there. Punk is a celebrated player who has won many of the big trophies available in the game and while the big prize, Evo, has continued to elude him, there is no one that can argue with his skill. Tokido is the only player Punk considers to be better than him and this has a lot to do with the fact that Tokido was all that stood between Punk and the Evo Championship in 2017. Tokido is a celebrated player and is seen as one of the five Japanese fighting game gods. His most recent win at the Intel World Open reminded the world again of his prowess. Problem X is also an Evo winner and has recently won big at the Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas event just a few days ago. His versatility and cast of players has made Problem X one of the top players in Europe and the world at large.

Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas Grand Final

That said, one could speculate about the names that weren't there. Two of the most notable misses on the list are iDom and Daigo and while we could argue that Daigo's lack of major wins in the SFV era make his omission almost understandable, it is a lot more difficult to deal with the omission of iDom. According to Luffy, he believes that iDom can't make the list because of the Covid situation and the lack of offline tournaments over the last couple of years. Going by the data, we can understand that iDom's biggest win was Capcom Cup 2019 where he actually beat Punk to take the prize, but considering that before that iDom rarely ever traveled for tournaments and that after that, everyone was stuck at home which mean that his tournament wins in those instances have a slight question mark on them, maybe he'd have to do more to make Luffy's list. 

A number of people responded to Luffy's tweet with their lists (many were the same but with the addition of iDom, Daigo, or Infiltration)

This is a fascinating list and it's one I would like to think about, how about you? Do you agree or disagree?

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