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DBFZ People React to Android 21 (Lab Coat)

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DBFZ People React to Android 21 (Lab Coat)
Pic Source: Bandai Namco Europe YouTube
A new character joins Dragon Ball FighterZ. But she is not new, strictly speaking, and the community is not too happy about that

It is hard to say what was the biggest event for the DBFZ dimension of the fighting games community over this weekend. On the one hand, we certainly had the Regional Finals in Japan (and GO1 did not make it to the following World Championship Final). That is huge, for sure. But on the other hand, the game developers threw a bomb and caused powerful explosion. They announced a new character joining Dragon Ball FighterZ. What should be exciting news turned out to be something pretty controversial.

DBFZ Android 21 (Lab Coat) | Reveal Trailer

Ok, how many Gokus do we have in the game? Can we even complain about repetitive characters at this point?

On the surface, it sounds pretty weird. It’s like creating a skin and adding it as a separate character.

In practice, many problems here appear because of poor communication. The “Lab Coat” name is… not good. Android 21 transforms from her human form into an evil creature to consume powerful warriors and become omnipotent. That evil form is basic Android 21 in the game. It might be better to emphasize that different form for a new character in the name to make it clearer — this is not just the lab coat.

She will definitely have a unique moveset and will be different from her evil analog. (Did someone say something about Mario and Dr. Mario?) Still, this reveal created a wave of unsatisfied reactions. People want the rollback netcode first of all to make the online experience in DBFZ as good as in DNF Duel or BlazBlue Central Fiction. And also, people want some other, fresh characters.

We at DashFight do not support anger in the community. We have found some hilarious reactions that would make you smile. Let’s concentrate on this mood. 

Reactions to Android 21 (Lab Coat) Joining DBFZ

ApologyMan suggested a new name for this character, and it’s awesome — Labroid 21:

Damascus created a poll to get suggestions for the next character:

And also, a shocking truth was revealed. That guy we considered Damascus is in fact a different person, Damascus (Flower Shirt).

Moreover, Tyrant is, in fact, Tyrant (Band Tee). Could you imagine?

Also, Tyrant… sorry, Tyrant (Band Tee) revealed the next wave of DLC:

And here are some other interesting suggestions for DBFZ Season 4:

We’ve also got some creativity with that Lab Coat:

Even before the release, the Lab Coat made its impact:

There even were some suggestions about why that happened:

And here are some general reactions:

Sajam thought Android 21 (Lab Coat) was a joke (many did…)

SonicFox looks satisfied with this Lab Coat. They also commented on the theme:

Nitro was also pretty short (in his usual manner):

Here is what Legendary Pred says on Twitter:

Jokes aside, it would be great to actually play Android 21 (Lab Coat) not only discuss her on socials. She is a unique Dragon Ball character, created especially for this game. It’s natural to see her getting some attention from the developers.

Probably, we at DashFight will have a guide on her, like these on Tien or Vegito.

What do you say? Do you look forward to playing Labroid 21… sorry, Android 21 (Lab Coat)? Please, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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