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Who’s the Strongest DBFZ Player in Japan? Regional Finals

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Who’s the Strongest DBFZ Player in Japan? Regional Finals
Pic Source: Bandai Namco Esports YouTube
A little spoiler — it’s one of the great Legends. But still, the event brought something very unexpected

Japan is traditionally strong in fighting games. Moreover, players here have some special style that allows the rest of the community to feel the familiar games from a different angle and potentially to learn something new.

The DBFZ Regional Finals in Japan became a decent continuation of the series of such events. After enjoying matches of European and American players, I personally was especially excited about this tournament. Yep, I wasn’t disappointed.

I was surprised! On the one hand, the result is logical — one of the strongest guys in the DBFZ world has become the Champion. On the other hand, though, the other favorite did not even reach Top 4 and will not participate in the Final. 

Let’s take a look at the “milestones” of the event.

DBFZ Regional Finals in Japan. Group Stage

DBFZ Regional Finals in Japan. Playoffs

Fenrich (Fenritti) entered the Top 8 part through the Losers bracket. He defeated his first opponent pretty easily.

Meanwhile, GO1 started with the Winners Semi-Final and got literally destroyed by Hirohiro.

Having the Match Fenrich vs GO1 at the Losers Quarter-Final is mind-blowing itself. But the fact that only one of them proceeds to the DBFZ World Championship Finals kept many people speechless.

Then, we witnessed the result. Fenrich dominated the whole match and got a clear victory. GO1 is out of the World Championship.

In the Winners Final, Oblivion had a confident win over Hirohiro. It’s a very interesting match as Oblivion is a young guy with online-mostly experience. The fresh Japanese power states its presence with some big wins!

Fenrich had a rather difficult  Losers Semi-Final against Ikoan, a player from online qualifiers. (This reminds me about Zane from the USA).

It seemed like Fenrich gained fresh energy in the Losers Final. At the very start of the final game, he eliminated two characters by landing Cell’s combo onto Android 17 and Gogeta Blue. Then, Hirohiro drops an important combo, and his Janemba goes down even with active Sparkling.

Fenrich looked totally overpowered during the first two games of the Grand Final. But then, Oblivion returned to the fight. The young competitors managed to win game 3 but then still lost the match.

For the Grand Final Reset, Oblivion changed the team, taking Gogeta SS4 instead of Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta. That did not really help. Fenrich wins two games, Oblivion takes third, and then the fourth one proves Fenrich to be a Japanese DBFZ Champion. (Cell made a double kill again; in the last game this time: Android 21 and Gogeta SS4).

Our congratulations to Fenrich!

Fenrich, Oblivion, Hirohiro, and Ikoan are four participants for the DBFZ World Championship Final from Japan. That will be an exceptional event!

In their exclusive interviews for DashFight, both other DBFZ Champions, Yasha from Europe and Nitro from the USA, expressed their wish to play against Fenritti during the Final. Do you guys look forward to such matches?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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