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DashFight Presents: A Day in the Life of.... VideoGamezYo

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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DashFight Presents: A Day in the Life of.... VideoGamezYo
The undisputed Shao emperor talks to us about what he gets up to on the most pressurized days of his life

VideoGamezYo is a Mortal Kombat player of great repute and is well known for his strong Johnny Cage, and most fondly, Shao Kahn. He won Celtic Throwdown 2021, and most recently made top 8 at East Coast Throwdown where he lost out to Xombat. 

VideoGamezYo is also a personality with easy wit and a friendly demeanor. He has also done a fair few videos for DashFight including a guide for General Shao in Mortal Kombat 1.

We got to talk to him about what a day in his life is like, enjoy the interview.

DF: How does the typical day go for you?

VGY:  A typical day for me varies a lot nowadays but the main things i do are a workout in the morning, then some youtube recording along with some editing of said recording.

After that anything can happen really. Streaming, gaming with friends, sports, etc. I like to keep my days varied to prevent burnout from happening and just to enjoy every day i have really. 

DF: Do you ever get nervous on the day of a tournament? If so, how do you deal with the nerves?

VGY: My tournament nerves have always been very bad. Ever since i started competing 4 years ago to now, before i play i get intense butterflies and second guess a lot of things. However, once i am in the chair and start to play they go away immediately and i have been feeling great as of alte in my recent tournaments.

DF: Do you have any pre-tournament rituals, like a special shirt, or some other thing that helps you prepare for the day ahead?

VGY: No rituals per say, just make sure i am calm and focused on what needs to be done.

DF: What’s your routine on the night before a big tournament?

VGY: Practice my execution for the main characters i will be using and just make sure i am calm. Supressing my nerves is always a big help.

DF: Do you have a favourite pre-tournament meal? If so, what is it? And if you don’t have one, what would you imagine you’d want as one?

VGY: Not particularly no, i just eat if i am hungry or dont if im not. If i had to choose one, some nice carbonara would definitely hit the spot.

DF: Do you prefer to practice during the day or at night, and what are the benefits of your preferred time slot?

VGY: Defintely night time since i am just a night time person. No noise, and just me and the grind going on so its the best time for me to be calm and focused on what needs to be labbed.

DF: How do you practice before tournaments, does your practice emphasis change just before an event?

VGY:  I make a point not to lab too much before tournaments as i feel it distracts me from things. You look for certain things more when you practice them and i think going in with an open mind is more benefital a lot of the time.

DF: If you lose in tournament, what is your go-to activity to help you get back up?

VGY:  I dont really have one. I am very confident in my ability so i just keep on trucking really.

DF: What side are you on this debate: Fans should not come up to a player who just lost for a photo or an autograph? Why do you think so?

VGY: I love when people ask me for pictures and stuff and take it as a blessing. I do think there is a time and a place for it though so that should be taken into account but generally, i think its awesome.

DF: What tips would you give anyone on the best way to prepare for a tournament?

VGY: Be confident in yourself and dont second guess your decisions. Go in with what you know, and dont try to change anything last minute.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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