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DashFight Presents: A Day in the Life of.... khscar12

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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DashFight Presents: A Day in the Life of.... khscar12
A fierce competitor, scar is a Mortal Kombat man through and through

Brad 'Scar' Vaughn is a Mortal Kombat 1 player from Houston, Texas, United States. He was notable in Mortal Kombat 11 with a phenomenal performance in 2019 when he won Combo Breaker defeating none other than SonicFox in the Grand Final.  He also won Combo Breaker in 2018 and Defend the North in 2017 in Mortal Kombat X. 

Scar is still finding his feet in Mortal Kombat 1 and has only competed in one major tournament so far. 

DF: How does the typical day go for you?

khscar:  Typical day for me recently doesn’t involve too much, pretty much just working, attending crossfit class, streaming , and going out with friends when I have the downtime.

DF: Do you ever get nervous on the day of a tournament? If so, how do you deal with the nerves?

khscar: I believe the nerves never really go away, I’ve been competing for years & the only nerves that remain is that first match of the day. I think it’s just that anxiety of making sure ur play is sharp and ur making the right decisions to start off. When i first started competing I used to play music to shake the nerves while I play, but now and days I don’t do too much of anything to deal with nerves, I just go out and play my matches and let the chips fall where they fall, either ur gonna beat me or vice versa…

DF: Do you have any pre-tournament rituals, like a special shirt, or some other thing that helps you prepare for the day ahead?

khscar: My tournament day ritual is not eating, you don’t want them pre tourneys kicking in while ur awaiting pool play lol, so if I do eat, it’s something very light.

DF: What’s your routine on the night before a big tournament?

khscar: My ritual the night before is getting in a nice amount of casuals to make sure I’m sharp for the next day

DF: Do you have a favourite pre-tournament meal? If so, what is it? And if you don’t have one, what would you imagine you’d want as one?

khscar: I don’t have a favorite pre-tournament meal, but if I did it would probably be pho.

DF: Do you prefer to practice during the day or at night, and what are the benefits of your preferred time slot?

khscar: Practice for me usually starts around night, because I work during the day, so it feels nice to wind down after a long day of work, sip some drank and chill with the homies & game.

DF: How do you practice before tournaments, does your practice emphasis change just before an event?

khscar:   For practice before tournaments I usually just get the usual reps in from sets and try to lab areas im weak in & discuss matchups and strategies with friends.

DF: If you lose in tournament, what is your go-to activity to help you get back up?

khscar:   Losing in a tournament involves just moving on and finding solutions to get better, I try not to hang my hat on a loss too long…

DF: What side are you on this debate: Fans should not come up to a player who just lost for a photo or an autograph? Why do you think so?

khscar: People have to learn to read the room, if u see a player coming off a frustrating loss u should be aware enough to know in that moment that it’s not the best time, give that player their space let them recollect themselves before you approach and maybe you’ll have a better experience in meeting ur favorite player.

DF: What tips would you give anyone on the best way to prepare for a tournament?

khscar: Best way to prepare for tournament is to surround urself with people slightly or greatly better than you, get ur butt whipped and learn from the losses, find solutions, enter online tournaments to get a feel of that bracket life, and just keep trying to improve every day…it’s a marathon

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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