Capcom Releases Details About World Warrior Program

Femi Famutimi
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Capcom Releases Details About World Warrior Program
With 39 slots up for grabs for Capcom Cup IX, Capcom have released a detailed plan for all those hoping to qualify

Capcom has released a statement explaining the schedule and format for qualifying events for Capcom Cup IX scheduled to hold next year. Capcom had announced earlier that there were going to be three paths to the next Capcom Cup:

  • Online Premiers
  • Offline Premiers
  • World Warrior Program

The World Warrior Program was a new concept in which Capcom promised to go through all the regions and create a fair landscape for several players to qualify. According to the format, 19 players in total will qualify via the online Capcom Pro Tour events. 

Capcom Pro Tour Online Winners so Far

We currently have five players qualified for Capcom Cup and they will be joined by 14 others in due time. However, joining them will be 26 players from various regions all around the world who will earn a spot via the World Warrior Program.

What is the World Warrior Program?

These are a series of events that will be held between July and December 2022 in various regions to determine the qualifier for Capcom Cup. The way it will work is pretty simple: each region will be required to hold five events that will count as a qualifier towards Capcom Cup. Players in these regions will gain points for each event. After the five events, the top 8 players with the highest points will duke it out in a regional final. The winner of which will be a participant at Capcom Cup IX. To this end, Capcom has enlisted the help of local TOs who will be responsible for putting together these tournaments. It was not specified whether the tournaments were to be online or offline. 

Interestingly, Japan is counted as one region which means that Capcom Cup IX will have only two Japanese representatives one of which is Momochi. While it wasn't made clear if the events will be region-locked, it may very well play out that way. 

Capcom's decision to work with local TOs has been welcomed by the community and the inclusion of South Africa has a lot of people excited. 

With each region to hold five events, that means there will be a total of 130 events between July and August which means a LOT of Street Fighter V action before Street Fighter V's valedictory service at Capcom Cup IX. It is speculated that after the event, Street Fighter 6 will be released. We look forward to it and welcome more Street Fighter action. You can read their statement here.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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