Bud Light Beer League is Up and Running - Tekken 7 West Week 2

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Bud Light Beer League is Up and Running - Tekken 7 West Week 2
The second event of this weekly series is over, so we have some changes in the general standings.

Bandai Namco partners with Bud Light Beer and Twitch to bring the community a weekly Tekken 7 tournament. This esports series started on August 25 with qualifiers for both Western and Eastern parts of the USA. On September 8, we witnessed matches of the second West event.

DashFight announced Bud Light Beer League earlier, and now we are happy to share some results with you, guys. Tekken 7 West/East Week 1 finished with victories of Marquis “Shadow 20z” Jordan (East) and Changbin “Binchang” Moon (West).

Here is the full Live Stream of Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 West/East Week 1:

Michael “Suiken” Khieu won the Tekken 7 West Week 2 qualifier. In fact, he won all the matches during this event - four in the initial brackets and then three in Top 8.

In the Winners Semi-Final, Suiken defeated Jermyia “Jermanji” Blevins. In the Winners Final and Grand Final, he won two matches against Tray “Princess Ling” S. (3:1 and 3:0).

Enjoy Live Stream of Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 West Week 2

The whole tournament will continue till November 3. The qualifiers end on October 27, so you still have time to sign up. The next one is planned for September 15 (East 2). Here is the full schedule:

Only players from North America can participate in the tournament. On DashFight, you can find even more info on this Bud Light Beer League Tekken 7 esports series.

Players will be earning special points throughout the weekly events - from 100 for the 1st place to 1 for finishing 9th.

The current leaders are:

  • Changbin “Binchang” Moon with 145 points (West)
  • Marquis “Shadow 20z” Jordan with 100 (East)

Stay tuned to DashFight to get news on this Tekken 7 tournament.

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