North America Will Host a New Tekken 7 Tournament

Ilya Kravtsov
1 min
North America Will Host a New Tekken 7 Tournament
Top players will receive cash prizes

Bandai Namco and Bud Light will organize a new Tekken tournament in North America. It will run for about 10 weeks and will allow the best players to qualify for the Regional Finals.

So, the new Bud Light Beer League 2020 will start August 25. It will feature two divisions, NA East and NA West, with up to 128 players in each. According to the media, only US residents can take part.

The top three players will receive $ 500 / $ 300 / $ 200 cash prizes. TOP-9 players will earn tournament points.

1st - 100 points

2nd - 70 points

3rd - 45 points

4th - 25 points

5th / 6th - 10 points

7th / 8th - 5 points

9th - 1 point

These points will count towards qualification for the end-of-season Regional Finals, for which the top four in each division will qualify.


Held every Saturday, the two regions will alternate, seeing five weeks of play each before both Regional Finals are held on November 3.

The events will take the format of a standard double-elimination bracket, with best-of-three matches. For Winners 'Finals, Losers' Finals, and Grand Finals of each tournament, matches will be best-of-five.

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