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Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Championship 2023: Results

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Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Championship 2023: Results
It’s the last set of the official Doubles tournaments before BCX 2023

This type of Brawlhalla competition may be a bit more difficult to watch on streams due to its super chaotic nature. But there is one trick — you actually need to play this mode to see the logic in this action and get valuable lessons from it.

Many players sincerely enjoy 2v2 fights, and Brawlhalla itself motivates us to try out this mode, for example, through Battle Pass missions.

It is absolutely essential to have a regular teammate to be successful in Doubles. May some of your friends get interested?

Esports professionals most often form their teams on a long-term basis — to build perfect synergy. Some of them did that very well and got the biggest victories in the regional competitions. With the Autumn Championship happening the previous weekend, we can take a look at the best teams in 2023.

Australia | Stream

It’s hard not to mention the disaster of the mass banning that shook this region on the day of the Summer Championship. Everything has changed after that. The community has kind of recovered, but when we summarize the year — we miss many big names.

It’s the second seasonal title for Dooblakek / Rygunduz. In the Autumn Championship, they had pretty tough matches vs Dummy / Kylar Alice in the Semi and vs Phy / Shadoww in the Winners Final. But in the Grand Final (again vs Dummy / Kylar Alice), te Dooblakek / Rygunduz won with great confidence.

Dooblakek / Rygunduz are the Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Champions 2023 in Australia. Congratulations.

Hypka and Vay are Winter and Spring Champions in Australia in 2023.

Australia | Results

1. Rygunduz / Dooblakek

2. Dummy / Kylar Alice

3. Phy / Shadoww

4. Smash / cayzdaddy

5. Lumos / Dex1ty

5. bidai / Bread

7. Vital / Beware of Chair

7. Moxyz / dloree

Southeast Asia | Stream

himwy has proven to be the best Brawlhalla player in SEA thanks to four Singles victories — the Autumn Championship is the most recent. But in the  Doubles section, the team ero / himwy shares the throne with other competitors: KeithThePooPoo / Tiger (Summer Champions) and Sire / Vortex (Spring Champions).

It’s not surprising to see these teams fighting each other in this tournament too.

ero / himwy lost 0:3 in the Winners Final and had to defeat Sire / Vortex in the Losers Final. Then, in the Grand Final, the players got a rather tough win over KeithThePooPoo / Tiger — in two matches.

ero / himwy are the Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Champions 2023 in Southeast Asia. Congratulations.

Previously, they won the Winter Championship, were 5th at the Spring one, and did not play together at the Summer Championship.

Southeast Asia | Results

1. ero / himwy

2. KeithThePooPoo / Tiger

3. Sire / Vortex

4. Laz / taxiivation

5. GTG / DolaN

5. Reaper / jerryK

7. Serenity / Sakuya

7. Kami / Fronix

Europe | Stream

We all know who the best Brawlhalla player in Europe is. Godly won three Singles titles in 2023, including the Autumn one. In the Doubles dimension, his success is also impressive — Godly won the Winter and the Spring Championships — with Fozey. For the Summer tournament, he united with Neeze to finish 2nd. What about the Autumn tournament?

Neeze / Godly got pretty confident victories in the Semi and the Final, against Kresuu / Blew and Mounir / Koko. But then, they lost 0:3 to Mounir / Koko in the Grand Final.

The decisive match showed us the true power of Neeze / Godly, who got a clear victory again.

Neeze / Godly are the Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Champions 2023 in Europe. Congratulations.

Europe | Results

1. Neeze / Godly

2. Mounir / Koko

3. Blaze / acno?

4. Delta / Djessir

5. Kresuu / Blew

5. Spyrox / Urbador

7. Fozey / Sarme

7. Jakeyy / Blitz

South America | Stream

Kyna and lores played against each other in the Final and the Grand Final of the Autumn Championship Singles, but for the Doubles competition, they are teammates — versus everyone else. This team won the Summer and the Winter Championships and was 3rd in the Spring.

This time, their main opponents were Wess / V3M_T4NQUIL0 (a freshly formed team, as Wess previously played with SAC, Fiend, and Power). lores / Kyna lost in the Winners Final, but then managed to reset the bracket in a very close Grand Final. In the decisive match, they won 3:1.

lores / Kyna are the Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Champions 2023 in South America. Congratulations.

South America | Results

1. lores / Kyna

2. Wess / V3M_T4NQUIL0

3. Mei / Neuz

4. Fiend / SAC

5. yüz / Power

5. Reaper-_-Black / Vecinaa

7. HipperXII / sea

7. Nagi / Akuma

North America | Stream

java / fakey has progressed as a team significantly throughout the year, from 7th in the Winter and 5th in the Spring to 1st in the Summer Championship. Could they repeat this success?

The team fell to the Losers after the Semi-Final and had to defeat super strong-opponents to reach the Grand Final: Sandstorm / Boomie (it’s always difficult to play against the Lord himself), Snowy / luna (the Winter Champions), and animefan1266 / Hideaway (who sent them to Losers).

In the Grand Final, java / fakey reset the brackets in a close fight vs Raydish / megD, and then defeated the opponents in the decisive match with a clear 3:0.

java / fakey are the Brawlhalla 2v2 Autumn Champions 2023 in North America. Congratulations.

North America | Results

1. java / fakey

2. Raydish / megD

3. animefan1266 / Hideaway

4. Snowy / luna

5. Sandstorm / Boomie

5. Zen / Walshy

7. Experience & Maid

7. TruckStopBurrito / DaddyHiZo

The next big event in the world of Brawlhalla esports is the Autumn Royale Invitational, on October 27-28. Nope, there will be no 2v2 matches.

The teams will have a chance to shine on the global scale during the soon-coming BCX 2023. The World Championship happens on November 3-5.

Stay tuned to DashFight for everything Brawlhalla (and fighting esports) related.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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