An Esports Hotel - to not be Disconnected from Fighting Matches

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An Esports Hotel - to not be Disconnected from Fighting Matches
You can stay in e-ZONe in Tokyo and be among gamers

Esports is still a trend even if the physical events have been mostly canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Many business people are optimistic about the future of esports and tourism, so they’ve combined both these human passions in a new hotel, e-ZONe. It was opened in Tokyo in early July.

e-ZONe is located in the center of Osaka. Japan-forward informs the gaming community that the place is very close to Nipponbashi Shopping District, where you can find lots of game stores.

It’s possible to get a capsule or a room in e-ZONe. The first three floors of the hotel offer high-end PCs for the customers - you will find here everything for playing your favorite games. What a place to be on a trip and still enjoy matches of Street Fighter V or Tekken 7! Of course, enthusiastic fighters would take their gamepads for the best experience.

Would you like to visit this place? Do you play video games whilst in another city/county? Of course, there is one popular fighting game to play almost everywhere, without any esports hotels - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.