A New Way to Experience DashFight Content, join us on TikTok!

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
DashFight is now also on TikTok!
Do you want the high quality content of DashFight on a shorter format? then go ahead and follow us on TikTok!

In celebrations of our first anniversary approaching, DashFight decided that we are hip, cool, and get it. So we are jumping on board the TikTok train to bring you the quality content you know and love of DashFight in the short video format TikTok is known for. You can find us @dashfight or click the link. You might get to see some of us in there too! We will be putting out all sorts of content that you know and love, from jokes to quizzes to tips and tricks for your favorites games. So ahead and follow us!

Not only that, we are collaborating with a couple of well-known figures in the space, such as @zavage55, aka Zavagezim, who is well known for his Mortal Kombat content, especially his series on the evolution of each MK character. He has grown many times over since last year and amassed over 1.2 million followers! Maybe check them out to reach that elusive 1.5 million and be on the lookout for special collabs with him and other creators!