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Tekken 8

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Victor Chevalier
Tekken 8
Tekken 8

Victor Chevalier

Founder and the commander of the UN's military forces, Victor is also the creator and mentor of the elusive Raven unit.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Evasiveness: 8

  • Combo Damage: 6

  • Mobility: 8

  • Wall Carry: 6

  • Throw Game: 5

  • Difficulty: 7


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Victor Chevalier is the current head and the founder of the United Nations' military units, and the creator of the enigmatic Raven unit. He’s a descendant of the lineage of legendary knights, and it shows: his entire motivation to enlist in the Navy and then move on to the UN is to save as many people as possible.

In the previous installment, we saw Master Raven, who was a direct superior of the previous Raven, and his field commander. The Raven Ninja unit is a secret organization on the United Nations payroll tasked to watch the global balance of power between Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation.

Victor Chevalier is the founder and leader of the Raven Force and Master Raven’s mentor. In truth, Victor is the man behind the creation of the United Nations’ entire armed forces.

Victor is the last line of defense, the ultimate man who opposed Mishimas and the G Corps of this world. If he’s not up to the task, it is, quite frankly, over.


Victor is quite a suave and stylish French gentleman. His title in Tekken 8 is “Refined Violence,” and man, it shows. A man of exquisite tastes, he’s supposed to be a quite flamboyant womanizer, whose exploits both on and off the field have become legendary. A true silver fox.


Victor’s moves are reminiscent of Raven, Noctis, Kunimitsu, and even Lars. And while he’s neither first nor last to be assembled in such a way, it’s still sad that the developers didn’t go for something more grounded and realistic. It’s understandable that they probably wanted to retain some of Noctis’s style from the previous game, but it also looks like he got some of Kunimitsu’s moves and strings as well. He has lots of mobility, a strong counterhit game, lots of evasive moves, and quite potent strings and mixups. He’s especially dangerous in the Heat mode.

Fighting Style

Victor’s fighting style is pure anime. He has teleportation moves, a cyber-katana, insane and unrealistic approach angles and juggles, and much more. His fighting style states that he’s a CQB practitioner, but while he does show some moves usable in close-quarter encounters, his flamboyant katana swings and teleportation are anything but close-quarter.

Key Information:

  • Origin: France
  • Age: Unknown
  • Weight: 82 kg
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Fighting Style: Super Spy CQB
  • Debut: Tekken 8
  • Availability: Base Roster

Raven Unit Members:

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