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Tekken 8

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Nina Williams
Tekken 8
Tekken 8

Nina Williams

She is a ruthless assassin, ready to take any job. As a child, Nina Williams went through preparation for such a dreadful career. Parents trained the girl together with her sister, Anna, and they grew up to be rivals. In Tekken 8, Nina is a technical character that requires preciseness of input.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Evasiveness: 6

  • Combo Damage: 5

  • Mobility: 6

  • Wall Carry: 10

  • Throw Game: 7

  • Difficulty: 8


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Professional assassins don’t really have principles that lead them through this life. Is everything about money for them? Anyone who pays can dictate their rules, and former teammates suddenly can become new targets.

Such a description nicely summarizes the assassin career of Nina Willams. She was raised as a killer, trained by her parents. As an adult woman, she continues following this path, without any moral doubts and hesitations.

Nina’s first mission connected to the Mishima clan was to kill Heihachi at the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Well, that was pretty naive, considering the immense power of that man. Nina failed — but that was just a job, nothing personal.

Her reputation as a top-level assassin was well-established, and soon she got another task — to eliminate a new leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kazuya Mishima. What do you think? Did Nina succeed with this?

Despite being cold and unemotional at her job, Nina Willams has a personal rivalry that pushes her out of this pro-assassin state. She absolutely can’t stand her sister Anna and continually tries to humiliate her. In a way, the missions to kill Kazuya failed because of that unhealthy relationship. Nina mainly wanted to defeat Anna, not to reach her goal.

The result was quite tragic. Both Nina and Anna were captured by the Mishima Zaibatsu and put in cryosleep for some experiments of Doctor Bosconovitch. Only after 15 years in this state, the girls were woken up — by the power of Ogre. This demon managed to take Nina’s mind under his control and direct the assassin against another Mishima, Heihachi’s grandson Jin Kazama. That wasn’t a paid mission, and Nina had little internal motivation to end it successfully. After getting free from mind control, she just abandoned the Tekken 3 tournament.

Her next employee was the mafia organization The Syndicate. They ordered killing Steve Fox, which could happen at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Nina discovered that Steve was her son — such was one of the experiments by Bosconovitch. Nope, this quite unusual discovery did not stop Nina. Only when the police forces arrested The Syndicate, and there was no one to pay for the mission, Nina decided to not kill Steve.

The experience of cryosleep left Nina with almost fully erased memory. Even her rivalry with Anna wasn't there anymore. At some point, the girl decided to recover the lost info in her head, and the direct fights with Anna Willams at one of the Tekken tournaments helped with this. Everything was back to normal again, so it was ok to return to killing people.

Nina decided to join one of the biggest players on the global scene, the Mishima Zaibatsu — and who cared if she attempted to kill some people from that very organization. Nina Willams became a leader of the Tekken Force. One of her missions in this role was to be a bodyguard of Jin Kazama. The guy tried to awaken and destroy the demon Azazel. That turned out to be a disaster, in which Jin was lost. Tekken Force people managed to locate the guy and tried to evacuate him. But Alisa Bosconovitch and Lee Chaolan interfered and caused a great explosion. Thanks to a miracle, Nina survived — and she decided to stop her business with Mishimas.

After a period of being a private assassin once again, Nina Willam got a new top-role in a huge organization. This time, she is a commander at G Corporation. Are you impressed with such a career?


Almost nothing distracts Nina Willams from being a cold-hearted assassin. Her full focus is on completing the mission — yep, on killing people for money. She is efficient in everything, a very practical person. 

The only thing that falls out of this concept is her relationship with the younger sister, Anna. This rivalry shows that even Nina is a human being with certain emotions. But then, the story of the biological mother of Steven Fox being okay with killing him… This proves that the girl is still more of an assassin than anything else.


Nina Willams is a pretty complicated technical character that requires input precision to be effective in Tekken fights. She has a nice range of tools, including damaging throws and even usage of pistols. Her moveset allows players to land long and totally destructive combos, but quite a lot of practice is needed to be able to do this.


After being kept in cryosleep for 15 years, Nina remains young, at least externally. She is a pretty woman with an attractive body, and she certainly can use this magic against careless men. Nina has white hair; she wears super high boots, a leather jacket, and a fancy purple dress.

Key Information

  • Origin: Ireland
  • Age: 44 (physically 29)
  • Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
  • Height: 168 cm (5′6″)
  • Likes: Tom from Tom & Jerry, milk tea, scotch, her job
  • Dislikes: Her younger sister and son
  • Fighting Style: assassination arts based on Aikido and Koppojutsu
  • Debut: Tekken
  • Availability: Base game

Nina's Employer:

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