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Top 50 Most Iconic Fighting Game Characters - Part 7

Elizbar Ramazashvili
6 min

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Top 50 Most Iconic Fighting Game Characters - Part 7
International Women's Day edition!

Fighting games are very old in terms of video game age, and through these decades, we've seen hundreds of games with thousands of characters come and go. Some of these characters become fan-favorites, while the others are forgotten. But there also are those whose legacy will remain etched in the history of the FGC forever. This is the seventh part of the new project that celebrates the Top 50 Most Iconic Fighting Game Characters.

However, it's essential to note that while this list aims to highlight some of the most iconic characters within fighting games, the inherent subjectivity of such rankings means that many other characters may not find themselves among these fifty names. Fighting games are as diverse as the amount of existing opinions, so pardon us if one your favorite isn't on the list eventually!

Today is March 8th, and it's celebrated worldwide as the International Women's Day. Therefore, today, we have the ladies' edition!



Taki is arguably the most recognizable female ninja across the entirety of the fighting game genre, rivaled only by Mai Shiranui. She’s been the Soulcalibur mainstay ever since her debut in Soul Edge, with her looks, her gameplay, and her story involvement making her iconic.

She represents all the virtues and ideals of being a ninja – she’s extremely skilled and deadly, able to hold her own against any abomination of the Soulcalibur setting, while being serious and stoic, though not without compassion.

Her looks are striking – a high ponytail, skin-tight bodysuit, demon mask, and some armor that protects her against evil… and not much else.

But her gameplay is also notable – she’s fast and agile, with really cool ninjutsu attacks, perfect for those who prefer the rushdown playstyle.

Sonya Blade

Mortal Kombat

Sonya Blade is one of the most prominent female characters in Mortal Kombat. She was introduced in the very first Mortal Kombat arcade game and served as the prominent and even pivotal character representing the Earthrealm in this brutal setting. Being a member of the Special Forces unit, she always was a formidable fighter even when compared to some of the more outlandish, or Outworldish, characters, but still needed to be saved from time to time by the protagonists.

In her early portrayals, Sonya Blade was seen wearing green sports clothing, which was also reflected in the famous movie adaptation. Since then, she has seen upgrades both in her attire, which now reflects her status better, and her role, as she’s no longer a damsel in distress, and is more than capable of dishing out excessive amounts of violence to the bad guys.

Cammy White

Street Fighter

Cammy’s Street Fighter story is one of gaining agency. In her first canonical and chronological appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2, she was a mere brainwashed Shadaloo doll who had to obey the commands of M. Bison. But as she gained self-awareness, her journey of self-discovery granted her strength, goals, and ambitions to live for, as well as trusty friends and comrades who will always have her back.

Being a deadly assassin, Cammy dressed in a way that gave her the most freedom of movement – a light blue or green leotard, military boots, arm protectors, and a beret on top of her long braided hair.

In the most recent entry, Cammy got a massive wardrobe upgrade, now donning a stylish jacket with a Union Jack over the sports top, as well as training pants. She also got a haircut, which suits her really well.


Guilty Gear

Baiken is a character that’s brought to the very brink of despair and put through incredibly traumatizing events that shape not only her personality but her entire being as a fighter. She saw her entire family slaughtered by That Man, and she will stop at nothing until he tastes her blade’s revenge-honed edge.

As her whole life is dedicated to this task, she lives and breathes battle. She is an incredibly fierce and powerful warrior, and not even her heavy injuries can stop her. They even help sometimes – lack of an eye makes her opponents underestimate her, and the sleeve of her severed arm hides a plethora of hidden weapons.

As a wielder of a traditional Japanese katana, she also dresses the part, but a monochrome kimono held together by a thick rope.

Nina Williams


Nina Williams is a quintessential femme fatale – a beautiful, mysterious, yet incredibly dangerous character who can use her looks and charm to get what she wants. On top of this, Nina is also a highly skilled assassin, able to dish out incredible amounts of punishment. While she doesn’t lack a moral compass entirely, more often than not, she’s depicted offering her formidable services to the highest bidder.

Tekken never lacked strong female characters, but Nina always stood out, oftentimes through the rivalry with her sister Anna, an equally charming and deadly assassin in her own right. In the mid-2000s, she even got her own spin-off video game, Death by Degrees. While it wasn’t received as well as one would hope, it was still a testament to her popularity.

Join us next week to find out who the next five characters are!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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