xTRU3x 20z

  • Shaahem Phipps
  • USA

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Shaahem "xTRU3x 20z" Phipps is a Tekken player from Miami, Florida, United States. Currently representing Hybrid Hype Gaming.

xTRU3x is a rare Gigas main with a pocket Shaheen. Despite Gigas's generally underwhelming movement xTRU3x tends to play very mobile, weaving in and out of his opponent's range and carefully placing pokes and punishes that take advantage of Gigas's better than average reach.

He competed in Final Round 20, CEO 2017-2019, Kumite in Tennessee 2018-2019, Combo Breaker 2018-2019, Final Round 2019, Red Bull Conquest, DreamHack Atlanta 2019, Fight For 95, and various smaller tournaments.

You can find xTRU3x 20z on Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube.