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Antoine "Mr_96atl" Price is an esports competitor from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Their main discipline is Tekken 7, where they main Geese Howard

Price started playing Tekken 7 competitively at Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017: SouthEast Battles - August, where they took 9th place. Mr_96atl played Tekken 7 at the variety of events, including FINAL ROUND 2018, CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships, Kumite in Tennessee 2019 - 13th place and CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships - 50th place. 

Price is a winner of +2 on Block - October 2019, The Pre-Invasion Event, MARIETTA HEIST 3, and Gwinnett Brawl: September 2019 in Tekken 7.