Jody Tha Great

  • Joseph Woods
  • USA

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Joseph "Jody Tha Great" Woods is a fighting games player and content creator for Disrupt Gaming FGC from University City, Missouri, USA

Jody is a Lee character specialist and one of the best Lee mains. He has an extensive amount of knowledge and a high level of execution which lets him get the most out of Lee's movelist. As such, he has a very clean playstyle that revolves around optimal decision-making and a systemic approach to getting a read on his opponents.

He competed in EVO 2013-2014 and 2017-2019, Combo Breaker 2015 and 2017-2019, Frosty Faustings IX-XII, Final Round 20, The Fall Classic 2017, Kumite in Tennessee 2018-2020, Final Round 2018-2019, CEO 2018-2019, and DreamHack Atlanta 2019.

You can find Jody Tha Great on Twitter and Twitch.