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  • Steven Veliz
  • USA

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Steven "Ukiyo" Veliz is a Tekken player and photographer from Bronx, New York, United States. Ukiyo is one of the few competitive Yoshimitsu mains and sports a fittingly creative and flexible playstyle. While maintaining a grasp of fundamental aspects of the game, Ukiyo is also capable of staying unpredictable in offence and defence, using Yoshimitsu's vast movelist not only to adapt but to force their opponents to think on their feet.

Some of their best results include 4th place at Tekken 7 Community KotH Finals, 9th place at Winter Brawl 9, 9th place at East Coast Throwdown 2018, and 49th place at Combo Breaker 2018.

You can find Ukiyo on Twitter and Twitch.