TR Stretch

  • Amir Ismail
  • USA

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Birthday : Oct 11, 1995 (28)
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Amir Ismail, also known as "Stretch" or "TR Stretch" is a Super Smash Bros player from the United States.

Ranked 4th on the Smash 4 Staten Island Power Rankings and 3rd on the Ultimate Staten Island Power Rankings, Stretch mains Lucina with a bevy of secondaries in SSBU and Marth with Link as secondary in SSB4.

Stretch has stolen sets in Ultimate from smashers like AceAttorney, Juice, Rivers, and Zomba among others. In Smash 4, he won renown for having defeated top contenders such as The Great Gonzales and Sova Unknown.

Stretch is a regular at Xeno and has organized a sub tourney called The Furthest Stretch in August 2020. He has teamed up with Mr. E, Shuzen, and Zomba to play Smash Ultimate doubles events.

Stretch also competed in ssbu singles and ranked 9th at XenoSaga XXVIII, 33rd at Collision Online, Domics' Atomic Arena & Lockhart Series, 49th at Tri-state Showdown: Fall 2019, 65th at Pound Online, and 129th at Let's Make Big Moves & Super Smash Con 2019.

Take a peek at Stretch's Twitch channel here.