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  • Jeffery Freelon
  • USA

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Jeffery "Scoop-di-Retired" Freelon is an esports competitor from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Their key disciplines are Tekken 7, where they main Nina, and SoulCalibur VI

Freelon debuted in the competitive scene during Evo 2017 (T7) and took 97th place. They have become a regular at Evo since, playing Tekken 7 there in 2018 (128th place) and in 2019 (97th place).  They have also participated in COMBO BREAKER 2019 (T7) and took 33rd place, CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (T7) - 33rd place, Red Bull Conquest - Chicago Qualifier (T7) - 7th place, TWT Dojo Event #1 - GameWorks Schaumburg (T7) - 3rd place and Frosty Faustings XI 2019 (SCVI). 

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