• Rishi Malhotra
  • USA

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Rishi Malhotra simply goes by "Rishi" but was previously known as "SmashG0D." He is an American Super Smash Bros player living in New York. He used to be a member of team VGBootCamp.

Currently ranked 40th in MPGR 2019, Rishi mains Marth with Fox and Donkey Kong as secondaries in Melee. In Ultimate, he mains Link with Wario and Pichu as secondaries. While in SSB4, he mains Kirby and Corrin.

Rishi describes himself as "Melee Personality" on Twitter and admitted to being most comfortable with the game which shows in his tourney history. After all, he is known for taking Armada to a last stock last hit situation at EVO 2016, losing 1-2. He also defeated Mew2King 2-1 at EVO 2018.

Rishi has competed at numerous SSBU events and ranked 25th at Full Bloom, 33rd at Defend the North 2019, 129th at Genesis 7, 49th at Collision 2019, 65th at Glitch 6, 193rd at Let's Make Big Moves and The Big House 9.

Check out his Twitch stream here or his YouTube channel here.