• Reginald Redd
  • USA

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Reginald "Skies" Redd is a competitive Super Smash Bros. player from the USA who mains Bowser and Wolf in Ultimate. He also plays JRPGs like Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

Skies was a part of Project Crimson but has since withdrawn from it. He is a regular at weeklies like CN:B-Airs, DNA.exe, Fusion: The Weekly, and XeNOwifi.

He competed in ssbu singles and ranked 4th at Baecation Online #3, 9th at Smashdown Philly 1 (NCS Minor), 13th at PC|Krilldog's House 1, 17th at Stronghold: The Triforce #6, 33rd at PSS S6:E1 - Platinum Star Online, 97th at Collision Online, and 193rd at Let's Make Big Moves 2020.

Skies also organized BC Brawl 1 in March 2020.

Find him on Twitch and Twitter.