red berpo

  • Evan N.
  • USA

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Evan N. "red berpo" is a Super Smash Bros player from the United States. He mains Joker with several secondaries including Cloud, Bayonetta, and Peach among others.

He participated in events like CN:B-Airs, Eclipse, and Fusion. He has teamed up with insomniac to play Smash Ultimate doubles. red berpo also competed in ssbu singles and placed 33rd at  Smashadelphia 2019, 49th at Flamewave Neo, 65th at Domic's Atomic Arena, 129th at Shine 2019, 193rd at Collision 2019, and 257th at Super Smash Con 2019.

At Fireside Open 2019, he took 9th place after losing to Jack in winners semi-finals and Zomba in losers round 3.

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