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Red (NZ)

  • Murphy Cater
  • New Zealand

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Murphy "Red" Cater is a professional Super Smash Bros. competitor from WellingtonNew Zealand, representing Flightless Esports. His key disciplines are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he mains Wolf

In his Twitter page, Red presents himself as the 6th best SSBU player in New Zealand. According to Smash WikiCater has taken sets from such players as Aluf, GammaFox, dcs, Blaz, SBOmega, and leongrav

Red's career in competitive Smash began at Battle Arena Melbourne 10 in 2018 (SSBWU), where he took 33rd place. Since 2019, Red has been playing SSBU, regularly partaking in local events such as Wellington Ranbats, where he came out as 1st in singles on September 8th and 22nd of 2019. Cater has also been a regular at Smash-Net: Ultimate Ranbats, consistently taking prize places. His other notable competitive appearances include:  

• 2019: Windbox #9 (the 1st place), Crush Counter Capital 2019 (the 2nd place), Biggie II (4th place), Southern Cross Up 2019 (5th place).

• 2020: Docked & Loaded (4th in singles), Capital Punishment 2020, Windbox #10.

• 2021: Biggie III (9th place), Crush Counter Capital 2021, and others.