• Ethan Masterman
  • USA

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Birthday : Aug 3, 2002 (21)
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Ethan ''Peanut'' Masterman is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Little Mac player from Maryland, USA. Peanut has offline wins over players such as ZD, Dexter, Mj, Mata-Door, and Wal00gi, as well as online wins over players such as 8BitMan, WaDi, Myran, Ned, Jake, Syrup, and WebbJP.

The Peanut smash chronicles include placing 3rd at Galaxy Gambit x Collision #10, 4th at Smash Ultimate Summit 3 VIP Bracket, 5th at Mega Smash Mondays Online 36 and Ultimate @ Xanadu Online 396.

Although Peanut utilizes Little Mac's aggressive and approach punish game, he is also known for surprising opponents using some of Little Mac's worst traits, most notably Little Mac's aerial attacks, which he uses to both tech chase and roll read opponents and assist Little Mac's notoriously weak recovery. Peanut also utilizes the armor of Little Mac's neutral special, often baiting his opponents by cancelling the move into an up smash.

You can follow Peanut on Twitter or Instagram and watch his streams on Twitch or Youtube.