• Nikola Tan
  • Apple Esports
  • Canada
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Nikola "NickSF" Tan is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from Canada who mains Mii Swordfighter and represents Apple Esports.

He has competed in SSBU singles at tourneys like DDee's Dreamland CrusadeAmuka Smash Cup, DDee's Dreamland Crusade, Domics' Atomic Arena, Flat Combats 19, Gaming For Tots, Galaxy Gambit x Collision 23, Get On My Line 2020, GOML North American Open: East Canada, HABBY Birthday 2020, Kookus and the Milkshake Machine 32, Lockhart Series, Make A Run For It 16, Mazer Gaming Gives Back 2, Nightmare in Dreamland 5, Rev It Up: 2020 Series, Spacestation Presents: The Airlock, The Online Olympus II, and Wario's Smash Down: The WAH-loween special!

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