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  • Mert S.
  • Netherlands

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Mert S. "KarmaKens" is a competitive Tekken 7 player from The Netherlands. He mains Leo and speaks 3 languages - Dutch, English, and Turkish.

KaarmaKens competed and won 13th place at Pearl Fist Tournament - Edition 1, 17th at TDB League & IESF Qualifier II, 25th at Tekken National Championship, 65th at Only The Best III & TaKe's Dojo - Tekkenmania II, 129th at EVO 2019, and 193rd at VSFighting 2019.

At Force Cup 3, KarmaKens ranked 13th with 60% set wins after being defeated by ArtofAce in winners round 3 and Jish in losers round 4 of Pool 1.

Check him out on Twitter.

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