• Sven Nauman
  • Netherlands

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Sven Nauman, also known as "YonderPonderer," is a competitive gamer from The Netherlands who specializes in fighting games such as Soul Calibur and Tekken.

In Tekken 7, he primarily mains Leo with Steve as secondary but has been known to bring out the likes Master Raven and Eliza in multi-characters matches.

YonderPonderer has competed and ranked 25th at Pearl Fist Tournament 1, 33rd at Dutchies Tournament: Tekken 7 1st Edition, 49th at Tekken National Championship, 97th at VSFighting 2018, 129th at Tekken World Tour Finals, and 193rd at Berlin Tekken Clash 2019.

At Force Cup 3, YonderPonderer ranked 17th with 50% set wins after losing matches against Dilie in winners round 2 and KarmaKens in losers round 3 of Pool 1.

Check out his Twitch channel here.