Jinkaz Toshiro

  • Raul Garcia
  • Guatemala

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Raul ''Jinkaz Toshiro'' Garcia is a Guatemalan Tekken 7 player from Coban.

Jinkaz Toshiro competed and finished 1st in Triforce 3 - Tekken Tournament and Champions Tekken GT 2, 2nd in Triforce 4 - Tekken Tournament, 3rd in Champions Tekken GT and Kaibil's Online, 7th in Kaibil´s Road to corea 2021, 9th in TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021: Central America Online Masters and Kaibil's Road, 13th in TAKEVO LATAM SERIES. Also Jinkaz Toshiro took part in such tournaments as Pulse TV Dojo, Divine Cup and DOJO PC-CENTROAMERICA CRC-PAN.

You can follow Jinkaz Toshiro on Twitter and Twitch.