• Deriyn Stone-Carraway
  • Revenant Esports
  • USA

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Deriyn "FinalChaos" Stone-Carraway is an American Super Smash Bros Ultimate player. He represents Revenant Esports and mains Sonic, Rosalina & Luma. As one of the great Smash players, FinalChaos displays an impressive ~60% win rate in matches and a consistent record of high placements in tournaments.

He has competed in tournaments like California Showdown #1, CUP Smash's $1500 Charity Tournament, Flat Combats 6, Galaxy Gambit x Collision #18, Kirbstomped 2, Legion Smash Ultimate Cup, NINBOI'S POWER PLAY TOURNEMENT, Pound Online, SWT: NA Southwest Ultimate Online Qualifier, The Cool Tournament™, and The Online Olympus II.

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