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Dylan "Dylan" McNulty is an American Super Smash Bros player and grad student from New York, USA.

Ranked 4th on the Staten Islands Power Rankings for Ultimate, he mains Zero Suit Samus in Smash 4 and co-mains with Robin in Ultimate.

Dylan is known for participating in the Let's Make Big Moves 2020 Tournament where he ranked 193rd place out of 650 entrants in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate singles event. He had a set win rate of 50% having scored wins against fellow pool B5 participants Vice and Rennie and loses to TheRed and Fang

He also competed in ssbu singles and ranked 9th at Fireside Open 2019, 49th at Suplex City Smash, 65th at Collision 2019, and 73rd at The Scarlet Classic V.

Check him out on Twitch.