Dyl (NZ)

  • Dylan McKenzie
  • New Zealand

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Dylan "Dyl" McKenzie is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor from WellingtonNew Zealand. His main in SSBU is Bayonetta. According to Ausmash.comDyl is ranked 8th on Wellington Ultimate Power Rankings of 2021 and 16th on New Zealand Ultimate Power Rankings of 2020. 

McKenzie's career in competitive Smash began at Smash-Net 56: Ultimate Ranbats 17/03/2019 (SSBU). He has since been a regular at Smash-Net: Ultimate Ranbats and Wellington Ranbats, consistently taking prize places. Dyl also played Ultimate at such events as:

• 2019: Windbox #9 (7th place), Crush Counter Capital 2019, Biggie II (13th place). 

• 2020: Windbox #10 (5th place), Scuffed Smash, Capital Punishment 2020.

• 2021: Biggie III, Southern Stronghold 2021 (7th place), Smash-net 100: The Big one (the 1st in doubles), Crush Counter Capital 2021, and others.