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Desmona is a fighting games player from Glendale, Wisconsin, United States.

As a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player with Steve as main and Sora as secondary Desmona competed and finished 1st in Chuck's Playground #76. Season 8 begins., 3rd in Get Clipped #19: Smashentine's Day, 4th in [$150 Prize Pool] Bracket Reset 4: Presented by BlitzLuigy, 5th in Jackpot Singles 8 ($175 Prize pool) and [$200] Taipan Smash Singles 40 | BOTH Melee and Ultimate, 7th in The Coinbox #4 and Quarantainment 72, 9th in The Coinbox #3 and $1000 ZapZone Tournament #5 FINALE, 13th in The Box: Lunch Box #19.

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