• Bryce Becker
  • IlluZion Gaming
  • USA

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Birthday : Aug 16, 2000 (23)
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Bryce Becker, simply known as "Bryce," is an American Super Smash Bros player who represents IlluZion Gaming. He mains King Dedede in Smash Ultimate and Wii U with Luigi as secondary in both games.

Previously ranked 12th on the Smash 4 New Jersey Power Rankings, Bryce has defeated smasher like 6WX, Jakal, and Shoyo James. He has an overall set count of 70% and is a regular at events like CN:B-Airs and Platinum Star Smash.

Bryce also competed in ssbu singles and took 1st place at Smashing Legends 138, 25th at Collision 2019, 97th at Let's Make Big Moves and Smash'N'Splash 5. He often partners up with BONK! to play smash doubles.

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