Armperor | JIN WOO

  • Jin Woo Seo
  • South Korea

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Ken0 %2

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"JIN WOO" Seo, also known as "armpitplay" and "Armperor," is a fighting game player from South Korea. He plays titles such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V.
Jin Woo has competed in tournaments such as BeasTV Cup 01, CPT 2019 ASIA Premier, Fighters Spirit 2019, Saigon Cup 2019, and Seoul Fight Night.
At Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 East Asia 1, he placed 65th in SFV singles with a 60% set win rate after losing matches against Persia and Crusher. More recently, he placed 5th in EVO 2021 Online SFV - Asia East.
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