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  • Erick C.
  • USA

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Erick "AbsentC., is a Dragon Ball FighterZ competitor from the USA. Their main in DBFZ is Broly.

Absent made their competitive debut at Token Throwdown @ Token Game Tavern! (DBFZ), where they took 4th place. They have since played DBFZ at such notable events as:

  • 2019: Token Throwdown - January 2019 @ Token Game Tavern, BapMasters DBFZ Season 2 Week 9, Symbiote Series DBFZ Week 1, Evo 2019, Token Throwdown September 2019 (the 3rd place), Hitstun Gaming Dragonball Weekly Tourney
  • 2020: Kumite in Tennessee 2020, Ultra Battle League 01/15/2020, Token Throwdown - Rocking the Dragon Again! Feb 2020, Ultra Battle League 03/18/2020 @ Online Tourney!, Symbiote Series S3 DBFZ Week 6, LOTS 2 (Lord of The South 2) Online Tournament.
  • 2021: Friday Fight Night (the 3rd place), and others. 
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