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  • Drew H
  • USA

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Drew "UncleVizH is a fighting games competitor and commentator for Four Horsemen FGCfrom TenneseeUSA. Their key disciplines are Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V, where they main Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Juri, respectively. They are also known to play Dead or Alive 6, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and other fighting games.  

UncleViz made their competitive debut at Friday Night Fights #0059 (DBFZ), where they took 5th place. They have since been a regular at Friday Night Fights and Thursday Night Throwdown playing DBFZ and SFV there across the years. They have also taken part in such notable events as:

  • 2018: Vandy_LAN X, MTSU eSports presents: Big Blue, TNEA Arena at Grand Ole Gameroom Expo, Thursday Night Throwdown #21 (the 1st in DBFZ).  
  • 2019: Kumite in Tennessee 2019, Vandy_LAN XI (the 2nd in DBFZ), F2con (the 1st in DBFZ), COMBO BREAKER 2019, Everyday Esports Halloween Party
  • 2020: Kumite in Tennessee 2020, Wumpa Warriors, King Kai's Domain
  • 2021: Summit of Destruction, Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition #55, and others. 
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