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  • Michael Fernandez
  • USA

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Michael "BoxFanFernandez is a fighting games competitor from NashvilleTennesseeUSA. Their key discipline is Dragon Ball FighterZ, where they main Jiren. Fernandez is also known to play Tekken 7, Guilty Gear: Strive, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, and other fighting games.  

BoxFan made their competitive debut at Fight For The 6ix Online: DBFZ (PC) Stage 3 (DBFZ). They have since been competing in a number of disciplines at such notable events as: 

  • 2018: FINAL ROUND 2018 (T7DBFZ), #CellGames Week 6, KIT Summer Bash 2018 (the 3rd in DBFZ), Chatta Cup #7 (the 3rd in DBFZ). 
  • 2019: Kumite in Tennessee 2019 (9th in DBFZ), ChattaCup April Edition (the 1st in DBFZ), Thursday Night Throwdown 5/2 (the 1st in DBFZ), which they have since been visiting regularly, taking prize places, KIT Summer Bash 2019 (4th in DBFZ).
  • 2020: Kumite in Tennessee 2020 (9th in DBFZ), Symbiote Series S3 DBFZ Week 3 (5th place).
  • 2021: Wumpa Warriors Cloud Edition IV (the 1st place), in which they have since been participating, taking top places, and others.