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Why you suck at Dragon Ball FighterZ

Why you suck at Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Some aspects to pay attention to for boosting your results

There are quite a few primary reasons why you suck at Dragon Ball FighterZ. Let’s start with them! Your Internet connection is lagging, the opponents use broken characters, your main needs to be buffed, and that dog next door keeps barking (Who on Earth could play well with that noise!?)

And there are some, totally secondary reasons for you to… you know… suck at the game. The primary ones are well known, and you probably understand what to do with them — stop moaning already. It’s time to look at the rest.

You're still mashing buttons 

Those auto combos — you rely on them too much. It was fun mashing one button and seeing a cool show, but enough is enough. Want to play better? Take your character to the practice mode and start learning really effective combos — to land much more hits and to deal much bigger damage. For more info on this, check out our DBFZ Combos Guide.

You are not practicing enough

To stop sucking, make Practice Mode in Dragon Ball FIghterZ your regular destination! Work on various stuff there, experiment, or just warm up before real matches. And don’t forget to utilize various tools, like recording actions of the dummy. Practice Mode is the place to learn new tricks. And without that, there is no progress.

You extend combos but don’t use a destructive finisher

Remember we talked about combos? It’s nice to have them long, but the longer they are, the bigger chance is you drop them. It would be better to work on a proper finisher to end your combos with impressive damage. Then you could return to the practice and still work on combo extensions — but always add the final destructive accord, like Supers from your whole team.

You play DBFZ as if it’s a 1v1 fighting game

And here we have another thing that stops you from winning — you think in terms of 1v1 fighting games. Bring more assists into the fights and master the tagging mechanic. Think about your team as one entity. Fighters should support each other: cover weaknesses and boost strengths. Just change your mentality a bit, and you’ll get the results.

For more info on 3v3 mechanics, take a look at DashFight’s Guide for Beginners in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

You don’t select the best fighter — your best fighter

It’s up to you to choose who’s the best character for your team. And I mean that literally — pay less attention to tier lists and more to who you actually enjoy playing. Your team should correspond to your playing style. Who gives you better results, someone as big as Broly or someone as versatile as Vegito?

You don’t utilize all the tools in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Each character you could choose has so many tools in their arsenal that not using them all also makes players suck at the fights. Every tool in Dragon Ball FighterZ has its moment of glory, and you better know them well to understand what to use and when to do so. Such things as Z Reflect and Quick Tag might start your winning momentum; don’t ignore them. And try to go deep in every fighting technique. For example, did you know that holding Dragon Rush causes more hits landed?

Your style is too straightforward

Everything you know in Dragon Ball FighterZ should be mixed to confuse your opponent. You might suck because of your straightforward predictability. Break your own fighting patterns, and don't let the opponent adapt to your style.

Unbalanced strategy

While mixing fighting options, don’t forget to keep the defense-offense balance. The game is so fast, and it’s so satisfying to follow this pace. But offense only is a broken strategy. Eventually, the opponent will take their turn of landing hits, and it will be you who need to activate blocks and jump away from a Special. On the other hand, being always on defense is counterproductive as well. Keep this balance, and you’ll become a better player.

You don’t take risk ro do this at bad moments

Being always perfectly cautious and calculating all the offense actions — that’s also not a way to stop sucking. Sometimes, you need to take risks and get a huge reward. Yeah, to not suck even more after that, you should feel the best situations for those risks. Every punishable attack has its place in the fight flow. Even Ki Charge can take you to success if it’s not used absentmindedly.

Bring everything together!

Ok, just reading this article is definitely not enough — you know why you suck but still don’t know what to do about that. How to extend combos, land devastating finishers, play your best team, use various tools, keep defense/offense balance, be unpredictable, and take risks only at appropriate moments?

Practice, guys. Practice! Train a lot and play a lot. Keep the ideas from the article in your mind, take them to the lab, elaborate on all their aspects, and then enjoy sweet, sweet results in actual fights. That’s the plan! And to make it real, always approach the game with a joyful spirit. When you have fun, it’s the best fuel for the practice. It’ll lead you to better results and will make the whole process… you know, fun!

And DashFight will continue to provide helpful posts on Dragon Ball FighterZ. Have you already seen character guides created by esports professionals? Here are videos on Janemba by Nitro, Vegito by Tyrant, and Cell by ApologyMan

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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